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How can we make Smart Class Rooms in Pakistan?

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

A Smart Class room is typically a class room where a student and teacher both uses advanced learning and teaching technology. The research has shown that a student learns 40% quicker with #smart #class #rooms than a normal class room. ITDC #Pakistan's largest smart #classroom provider.

In Pakistan where the Smart Class Room is often used as a marketing gimmick and are sold for millions is actually not that expensive. In this blog we will discuss what do we need to install; the idea behind behind smart classroom and how can we train teachers to actually make an impact.

The Equipment for Smart Class Room in Pakistan

1. Interactive #Touch #Display

Gone are the days of buying a #projector or even a #smart #board. Today's latest technology is an interactive touch screen LED or display which is an essential part of any smart #classroom. The #touch display is an essential part of a smart class room. The interactive touch screens comes with built-in Ci5 or Ci7 #Windows based solution which runs your #LMS and software along with a camera which makes your class room enabled for #video #conferencing with #zoom or any other video conferencing #software. The price for a 65 inch touch display is Rs.350,000-400,000 while 75 inch touch displays cost Rs.400,000-500,000. The good vendors to procure #interactive #touch #displays are ITDC Pakistan & Amtech Systems.

You could run your #LMS (#Learning #Management #System), create your own #content or make your whole syllabus #interactive with a software name #SmartNoteBook. The Interactive Touch displays are enabled with wide angle video conferencing camera.

A good LMS is also essential for Smart Class Rooms and Teacher, Parent interactivity. We suggest to use #Canvas or #Classodo.

Another important element is wireless content sharing and most of the interactive touch screens comes with enabled wireless content built-in.

Please call ITDC Pakistan to arrange a demo or pricing anywhere in #Pakistan:

PAK NUMBERS: 0333-0195032 | 021-3496-7 272 | EMAIL: INFO@ITDCPK.COM

2. Speakers

Speakers are one of the most essential part the whole smart class room experience. We always recommend mounting speakers wall mounted and professionally fitted so sound coverage is good throughout the sessions. The speaker system for 40 students class room with installation will cost from 30,000-50,000 each class room.

3. Tablets or Chromebooks

Essential part of the whole teacher, student interactivity part are devices for student. We strongly recommend graphic tablets or #Chromebook for student. The Chromebook would cost Rs.30,000-35,000 (New) and graphic tablet would cost Rs.25,000-30,000 each. However, we strongly recommend having a chromebook.


All modern smart rooms has CCTV installed in the classes. Not only it helps create as ecure environment but helps keep discipline in the class rooms.

5. Wireless Microphone

Wireless quality microphone are again important for class rooms. We recommend Sennheiser microphone which costs Rs.25,000-30,000.

ITDC Pakistan is a multinational IT solution and distribution company which provides complete #smartclassroom solutions in #Karachi #Lahore #Islamabad #Faisalabad #Quetta #Multan #Peshawar or anywhere in #Pakistan.

PAK NUMBERS: 0333-0195032 | 021-3496-7 272 | EMAIL: INFO@ITDCPK.COM


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