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How Logitech beat Polycom (Poly) in its own game and become the leader.

Logitech has come a long way in the video collaboration space. The Swiss company once considered a 'web-cam' consumer company that had been laughed at for buying out Lifesize is now having the last laugh.

Logitech today dominates a major share in the video conference hardware market with it's USB-based and now newly launched Bars. It is fair to say that Polycom which has ruled the roost for over a decade and a half with virtually no competition has been beaten comprehensively in its own game. They know it but would not accept it. Logitech according to it's a financial report in 2021 sold over $638 million USD worth of video collaboration products (excluding US sales). The massive sales had been generated by simple product designs backed by an awesome team.

The reason: Simplicity: Logitech created an easy-to-use product.

Polycom (now Poly) had taken over from the legendary Norwegian Tandberg legacy to launch it's iconic HDX series and RMX which was replaced by Logitech Group for the longest of times (over 8 years and counting). While the Polycom team is credited with bringing innovation in between with acoustic fencing, voice tracking, video framing incorporating it with it's existing portfolio, it's lost tough touch with its base. Its customers. And even with it's partner ecosystem because of over saturation and greedy sales strategy. No wonder, the majority of Poly partners have switched to selling Logitech today. The newer generation of video conferencing and offices with many huddle rooms needed something simple, less expensive, and more open. And it's here where Logitech bridged the gap.

One of the largest distributors who wished not to be named told us that if 10 video conference hardware are sold in Middle East, seven are Logitech.

Logitech launched itits's iconic Logitech Group which is the fastest-selling and most used or we could say, 'abused' video conference solution in the world. With larger rooms, Logitech pitched in Rally & Rally Plus and now Logitech has come up with Rally Mini and Rally Bar.

While Polycom has its own issues with change of management; multiple distributors and later being sold to Plantronics to become Poly. It did take time to set the vision which led to their downfall. What's going for Logitech was probably its inexperience and video collaboration experts like Simon Dudley who initially headed the Product Strategy Team at Logitech helped Logitech deliver the right product at the right time. It was simpler, less expensive, and worked. And that's was the market needed.

The newer generation of Logitech innovations like Bars, Scribe are excellent products that would take on the Poly X series and would give further competition with built-in OS and USB options to Poly. So a pat on the back for anyone who is in charge of the Logitech. Keeping it, Simple!

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Shahzad Rashid
Shahzad Rashid
03 ago 2022

You people are just fraud. Our order is still not fulfilled since May 2022 and we were committed for 2 weeks. August has started now. Every time we call, either you people lie or have a stupid excuse for not delivering our interactive screens

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