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Owl Lab's Meeting Pro: The Next Big Thing after Zoom in Video Conferencing World

With the ever changing world of #videoconferencing and with newer companies embarking on the Unified Communication world, I came across Owl Labs and its very innovative Owl Meeting Pro.

The more he saw the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?

Well you guessed it. Well it seems someone was listening or in this case, 'awake'. In this case, it was the Owl Lab. Nevertheless, with the evolution of video conferencing hardware from Tandberg to Polycom's to now Logitech, it seems the Owl Lab's Meeting Pro shall give it's competitor a run for the money. Whilst lets not forget, it was the wonderful team of Polycom once which created the Polycom CX 5000 in mid-2010's with it's alignment to than Skype for Business and USB based, the Owl Labs team took the lead and made an imperfect product, close to perfection.

A gorse-bush?" "My dear Pooh," said Owl in his superior way, "don't you know what an Ambush is?" "An Ambush," said Owl, "is a sort of Surprise.

So the Meeting Owl Pro by Owl Labs is a usb based, 360 degree, voice tracking video conferencing solution which covers up-too 18 feet of voice pickup. Best part is that it has this daisy-chain capability which enables to connect two Meeting Owls for large meeting rooms which is amazing. And it's worth less around $1000 which could challenge world's most selling usb-video conferencing product: the #Logitech #Group.

So why I say that Owl Lab's Meeting Pro remains the best thing in the video conferencing space after #Zoom? Because it solves the problem. The consumers needed a user friendly, portable, voice tracking high-definition, usb based video conference solution for a reasonable price and that's where Meeting Owl solves the problem.

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