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The Best Meeting Room Booking Solution

"I am sorry but I booked the board room before you", "You have to move to another room", "Sorry but we are in a meeting!"

How many times have we heard these phrases in our office which at times had been embarrassing and at times, frustrating and even unfair. However with smaller huddle rooms, conference rooms and with the increasing number of meetings; video conferencing and communication within the office space, there's a growing need for a good meeting room booking solution.

What is a Meeting Room Booking Solution?

Meeting Room Booking solutions is primarily a board room booking software with a digital signage business grade, tablet which books, schedules & optimizes your board room and meeting room reducing conflicts.

While there are many meeting room booking solutions in the market, somehow the Swedish GoGet Meeting remains the industry number one meeting room booking solution in the world.

Some value features for board room booking system

Syncs with your existing systems

Built-in support for the most modern and used email calendar systems – Exchange, Office 365 and Google G Suite.

Company profile

Customize reservation info, background, logo and much more. Creating a professional looking office space has never been easier.

Room Check-In

Improve the efficiency of your meeting rooms by enabling reservation check-ins and no-shows cancellation.

Central Administration

Manage all your devices (full remote management) from one location – via the web based administration console Room Display Center. Ideal for small to large organizations.

Free Rooms

See and manage bookings for other rooms in the office, right at the display. Find and filter rooms based on capabilities and custom tags.

Room Analytics

When effective facility utilization matters, GOGET One is the right tool to use. Built-in functions can help you with decision support, and reduce no-shows and use time and resources more wisely.

At a glance - Room Display 6

  • Syncs with Exchange, O365, Outlook, Google, Kerio Connect & IBM Notes*

  • Branding options: custom logo, background image & colour filters

  • Direct integration - no additional server software, add-ins or plug-ins needed

  • Supports most languages - users can add their own translations

  • Unchanged user reservation routines

  • Workplace insights & room analytics

  • Reduce no-shows

  • Unlimited number of users

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