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What video conference solution should you buy in 2021? A USB based vs IP based video conferencing

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

USB Video Conference vs Standalone IP Based Video Conference – Which one is better?

The video conference end points era has rapidly changed from Tandberg & Polycom initially starting it’s end-point IP & ISDN based video conference solutions as early as 1990’s to other contenders like Lifesize, Yealink, Cisco, Aver and other video conference solutions launching their video conference portfolios.

However in 2021 in a post-covid word where video conference endpoints markets crashed with less people operating from their office with ‘work from home’ and cloud based companies like Zoom taking the lead because of the change. However you can unit rule a video conference hardware because of board rooms, huddle rooms functionality, the question remain which video conference is right for you? A USB based or a Standalone video conference solution? Here’s an unbiased view on what you should know and do before buying a video conference endpoint in 2021.

Here's a brief comparison data

However you need to understand what your organization or you need before procurement of any video conferencing solution. Whilst USB based video conferencing is easy to deploy; price friendly, they remain largely dependent on third party like PC/Laptop which is connected to it missing out traditional and inherit features like wireless content, LPR technology, echo block, firewall and IP calling. Whilst standalone video conferencing had been selling less due to cloud based companies like Zoom, Bluejeans etc which gives that powerful edge to USB based video conferencing solutions.

So in the end it's up to what to decide? Here it needs to be mentioned that Poly (former Polycom) has introduced hybrid video conferencing solutions range i,e Poly Studio Series.

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