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Logitech with ITDC launches Logitech Rally Bar in Pakistan

#Logitech with #ITDC has launched it's new #videoconferencing series #Logitech #Rally #Bar in #Pakistan.

Logitech Rally Bar and Logitech Rally Bar Mini are one of it's kind next generation video conference solutions which aims to bridge gap between USB & stand-alone video #conferencing solutions. In a very aggressive bid to take on #Polycom (now #Poly) in video conference hardware space, Logitech has seriously sexed up it's video conference portfolio taking on #Poly #X30 #Poly #X50 video conference. Logitech Rally Bars as compared to Poly by introducing android based system with powerful zoom which covers medium and large board rooms.

With the video conferencing hardware market already in grip of Logitech, the new Logitech move and products like Logitech #Scribe confirms that Logitech has gone ahead in video conferencing solutions beating all competition.

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