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Review: Pretty Neat: How Neat has potential to beat Poly & Logitech

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

The Neat Video Conferencing Solutions
The Neat Video Conference Solutions

NEAT is a Norwegian-based Video Conferencing company in which Zoom US has recently invested $31 million taking its total investment to $41 million. The more you look into this just a little over two years company, the more excitement it's creating. The Neat video conference movement as they call it has sold over 22,000 in the last two years which is itself a remarkable feat. Firstly, what's going right for the company are the people behind it. The company has a strong presence of legendry Tandberg fame employees, designers, engineers which we think had been the best and most innovative video conference company. Hence, The Neat products are a reflection of its outclass engineering.

Secondly, what's going right for the company is its strong engineering quality-oriented video conference hardware portfolio with no strings attached add-ons. With Zoom and now Microsoft Teams certification, Neat would further leverage its position into a mammoth 180+ million Microsoft Teams eco-system.

The Neat Board

The Neat Board is an award-winning all-in-one 65-inch video conference display. Neat Board frequent user is the US President Joe Biden for his video conference sessions at the Oval Office. Indeed a proud moment for any company which adds more authenticity and speaks volumes of the Neat board's quality and security features.

The Neat Board is a design marvel, no wonder the Neat Board won not one but two Red dot Awards in 2021. Its equipped with 4 K-enabled cameras, advanced microphones, framing, and lots of other advanced software, advanced encryption, and hardware features that will give a run for money to all brands.

The Neat Board by far beats Huawei Ideahub one of the fastest-selling all-in-one video conference displays with its design, feature, security encryption, and even fair pricing.

The Battle of Bars

The video conference hardware evolution is in what we call the 'Age of Bars'. Poly, Logitech, Yealink, and others are launching their video conference bars. The battle for bars clearly shows a trend that the end-user wants a, an easy to install solution b, shifting away from traditional PTZ camera c, wants fewer wires and d, wireless presentation sharing. It seems Neat has aced all the above points with its 30+ years experience team. So well, done!

Amidst all the 'Bar Wars', the Neat has launched two Bars initially, The Neat Bar for the huddle and small rooms and the Neat Bar Pro for medium and large conference rooms. The Neat has sold over 22,000+ bars all over the world and the reason is quite simple: easy deployment with superior quality & a great pricing model. The Neat video conferencing bars prove to be a competition because of ease of use; next-level software features and camera/sound quality.

Another point that needs to look into is how Neat which says that Microsoft Teams would be available free of charge on all Neat devices via a software update is what would the interface look like? Surely, Neat Bars are not expected to change mode or restart like Poly X30 and X50 devices to use Zoom and Teams. We expect better from Neat.

Neat has done neatly by not charging insane amounts of money on add-ons from end-users. Neat, Bars comes with a Neat Pad free of cost whilst Logitech & Poly charges end-user up-too USD 700 for a touch panel. Or for let's say, the Logitech NUC is sold for up to $1800 to end-users.

With Microsoft Teams certification and better channel-driven strategy Neat is a disruption in the video conference space combined with Tandberg legacy and Zoom's confidence, it's a treat to traditional video conferencing hardware like Poly & Logitech combined.

Bonus - Neat Frame - the new Tandberg Ex 90 redefined.

The Neat Frame - every CEO's dream.

The Neat Frame launched recently by Neat is a niche video conferencing 15.6" inch desktop solution for higher management. While it's not over-powering like DTEN ME, The Neat Frame is a bit like a sexy BMW for higher management, purpose-built to fit high-end executive workspace or home office with all the features of Neat video conference solutions like Neat bubble, framing, noise block, wifi, etc. It's a marvel of Norwegian engineering and a hot-item hot item for 2022 in the new hybrid back to office world. You would see a lot of top executives use it in the future.

The Neat Scheduling Display

And this is where they have got it right with the right price. While you could convert your existing free Neat pad to a scheduling display, we recommend buying an add-on at a lower price from Neat while purchasing with Neat Bars. With Logitech signing up with Swedish Meetio for a conference room scheduling solution, Neat with its quality and background and its workforce is serious competition for everyone.

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